Granite & Quartz

The perfect surface


Granite is a primordial stone with naturally occurring variations in color and pattern. This lack of predictability gives the product its unique character and adds an element of nature into human-designed spaces. Modern granite is extremely easy to take care of. The development of powerful sealers has enabled the owner to have to seal only once every 10 years.

From $59 sqft


Quartz represents elegance and modern design. It is popular with those who are looking for white or modern looking options. Quartz is a man-made resin-based stone that is nonporous and never needs to be sealed.

From $59 sqft

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Visit our storefront to view our great selection of counter tops. If you do be sure to look at some of our orphan slabs that yield amazing price points!

 When it comes to granite and quartz options are nearly endless so here are some links to some of our suppliers. You can look through their extensive stock of amazing surfaces, then let us know what you like. We’ve also supplied a few virtual samples of some of the most popular stones below.